American Church in Paris

Today I would like to share a page from my Switzerland/Paris album.  We were in Paris for 4 days and decided we didn’t want to do any tours.  We wanted to experience Paris by foot. We had specific places we wanted to visit, but no set itinerary.  We also knew we wanted to attend church on Sunday but figured we would just ask the hotel receptionist.  After seeing the Eiffel tower and heading towards the Pantheon we ran across the American church in Paris.

The church is an inter-denominational, Protestant congregation with roots dating back to 1814. Our tour guide told us the church attendance is about 50%, with many denominations and countries represented. While we were there we were fortunate enough to listen to the worship band practice. This was a nice break to our walking as well as to our soul.


–>Please forgive my inability to take a decent picture!  Click images for larger view.

We were able to get a tour of the church. The pulpit is decorated with 6 carvings (Pope John XXIII, John Wesley, St. Paul, Martin Luther, John Calvin and Martin Luther King, Jr.)



The windows in the church (below) are of the patriarchs, the prophets, the Gospel, the Apostles’ call, the parables of Jesus, the works of Christ, the passion of Christ, the resurrection, the evangelists, the saints, the reformers, and French-American Alliance/War Memorial.



The angel stained glass window was created by Louis comfort Tiffany. Yes, the same artist that makes Tiffany lamps.  All the glass in the window is his signature “handcrafted” glass. The face, hands, and feet of the angel are painted on to the glass. Every other detail is achieved with the glass itself.  The angel photo opens to reveal more information about it.

I also tucked in the church bulletin from the service we attended the next day into the pocket with the angel stained glass.



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