by Betsy Burnett (S.W.A.T. Team Tactical Coordinator)

Many of us do not have computers in our scrapbooking area, so the wonderful ideas from Faithfully Yours are not easily available to us when we scrap. We didn’t like this so an idea was born…. Welcome to Blessed Beginnings! Blessed Beginnings is a way for you to take the encouragement, ideas, and inspiration found here at Faithfully Yours with you when you scrap!

Blessed Beginnings cards are designed to be printed out on index cards and put in a 3 x 5 file box. These little idea cards can then be used as springboards to sharing your faith through your albums and projects.

The cards are free of charge to print and SHARE, they cannot be sold! As Jesus said “Freely you have received freely give.”It is our hearts prayer that this ministry becomes a blessing to those that scrapbook their faith, and those that have scrapbook ministries. We ask that you do not change the design of the cards and that you keep the Blessed Beginnings Logo and the Faithfully Yours website on the cards as well.

Blessed Beginnings Card archives

  • *Card Ministry
  • *Journaling
  • *Resources
  • *Sketches
  • *Verses
  • Blessed Beginnings Box

    All good beginnings need to start somewhere and for us it started with boxes I had saved (just in case I wanted to do something with them someday). So during our time together we decorated our file boxes for the Blessed Beginning cards.
    Now you don’t need to use a box…a C-clamp ring or some ribbon will work if you just want to keep them together. It’s up to you. You can even get those little file boxes students use to keep track of index cards for a project…it’s a great place to store a few cards to take with you to a crop. The idea is to have something to hold them together with so all the ideas can be found at your fingertips!

    Betsy’s box: please click for larger view and description.

    Dawn’s box: please click for larger view and description.

    Here’s what we came up with…we would love to see what you are going to do to store your Blessed Beginning cards! Create a storage system for yours and then upload photos of your creation to the gallery. We might just feature some of them in an upcoming ezine!

    Blessed Beginnings Categoriess

    I used a tab punch and attached with eyelets to help me organize my card categories. If you don’t have a punch here are some tab templates to help you get started:

  • *Tabs-a Word document
  • *Tabs-a pdf file
  • The file tabs(above) can be printed out either on solid white cardstock and then cut out and glued on a blank index card OR printed on Avery 1 ΒΌ” tabs. This file is a Microsoft Office Word Template/Avery Template and can be changed in the appropriate program. On the tabs we have included several categories to help you organize your cards easier. You can also click on the blank tabs and create your own categories to personalize your file system.