Christmas Card Challenge

Miesje Flach is the challenge sponsor this week over at Stampin’ Sisters in Christ.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14

We always light one candle for each week of Advent and now all the candles are lit on the Advent Wreath; does that mean that we are ready? No, I am not talking about having all of our cookies made and presents purchased and wrapped. I am talking about being ready for the celebration of the birth of our Lord. Although I have not given birth to a child myself I have heard about the “nesting” that takes place shortly before the birth of a baby. The house gets cleaned, the baby’s clothes are washed and folded and put away and everything is made ready for that special arrival. That is what I think of with the preparation of our hearts for Jesus’ birth. We should all rejoice and shout, “Glory to God in the highest!” for the day is almost here. We should all have peace in our hearts and have nothing but good will towards our family and friends.

This can also be a very difficult or stressful time of the year and rejoicing is not what is felt by some people; instead it is sadness or despair. My mother joined our Father in Heaven in September and my dad is struggling, especially during this season. Many people do not have the funds this year (me included) to spend as much money on gifts and celebrations, so they may feel down about that. It may be more of a challenge to feel “festive,” so I pray for peace. Peace is what God wants for us all. I pray for my dad to have peace in his heart and for all who are struggling in whatever manner to feel that peace that I feel when I gaze at a sleeping infant.

We often stress ourselves out over truly unimportant things, such as what to buy for our loved ones that will make them happy. Stress can lead to being short with others and even hard on ourselves. I have told our adult children and grandchildren that the important thing at Christmas is being kind to each other. I think that is the teacher coming out in me! Material things such as the perfect gift do not make anyone happy for more than a little while. The true happiness and joy comes only from the gift that is given to us all with the birth of the Lord! That is what we need to focus on and that is where our hearts should be.

Merry Christmas dear friends! May the peace of our Lord and Savior be with each and every one of you.

Challenge: Make a Christmas card or project that has a Christian image and/or sentiment, one that reflects the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

This is the outside and inside of this year’s Christmas card which just so happens to fit the challenge.

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