by Lindy Nelson-Paryag LindyBaby

Why do we create scrapbooks? Because we want to preserve memories for our families. But how many Little League layouts can we do? When my son is 15 or 30 or 45 is he really going to care about the invitation, thank you note, napkin and a few pictures from a birthday party he attended when he was two for a friend he doesn’t remember, all adorably displayed in a two-page layout with die cuts, rubber stamps and glitter? Probably not.

What is the legacy I want to leave for my children in these scrapbooks? I want to reflect our lives… the details of the events that we have enjoyed as a family, the pictures and the funny stories. But what if my kids could learn more about their mom and her faith in God by looking at her scrapbooks? When I include the story of my faith and the faith traditions of our family into my scrapbooks, they become more than a chronicle of dance recitals, band concerts and trips to the Renaissance Fair. I still capture the memories, but with an added dimension: showing our lives through the eyes of faith. This can be as simple as approaching my layout with an attitude of gratitude, “Thank you God for…” I can easily add a favorite scripture to any layout. Because I believe our very lives are a reflection of God’s love for us, I want to share that Good News through my scrapbooks. What better way to share my faith with my children and with generations to come?


Creating layouts that incorporate my faith is a form of creative worship that energizes me. Through my scrapbooks I can acknowledge God’s goodness, faithfulness and presence in our lives. This is the true legacy I can leave with my children: our faith is a daily blessing –the thread that binds the fabric of our family life.