Faithful Friday-Laughter

The Blessing of Laughter!
by Betsy Burnett

I was driving home from the airport with a friend and I was reminiscing of my high school days. During the summer my friends and I would “road trip.” To the city, to the fair, just to drive. No real reason just because we loved being together and had a good time.

One day my friend Debbie noticed that whenever the car in front of us would hit a bump all of their heads would wobble in unison to the side and then back again. For some reason this just tickled us funny and when we saw the heads bob we would just start laughing and you know when you start laughing (especially with a group) you can’t stop!

Yes we were goofy..but hey we were young and it was cheap.. (and clean entertainment!)

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Laughter is good for us. Like a cold it’s contagious but in a good way. Laughter binds people together. It bonds us with those we laugh with. Just think of how a look brings peals of laughter over a shared joke. Laughter does more than just bond us with people it has medical benefits as well.

Laughter boosts our immune system by decreasing our stress hormones and has been shown to increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. It triggers the release of endorphins (your feel-good chemicals.) It helps relieve tension and stress and even can protect your heart (by increasing blood flow.)

Laughter isn’t just good for your heart in a physical sense, it’s good in a spiritual sense as well. Joy is one of the fruit of the spirit. (Galatians 5: 22-23) When we are blessed with a life full laughter it’s naturally evident in our “spirit” our countenance, our whole outlook on things changes!

This month we are focusing on the “blessing of laughter” whether its a special “private joke” or your kids silly antics we all have those moments that cause us to do more “chuckle” it causes us to laugh.  This month celebrate all of those funny, serious, hilarious moments.  They are good for your life and good for your heart in more ways than one!

Questions to Ponder:

  • How are you blessed with laughter?
  • What has made you laugh lately?
  • Is there something from your childhood that to this day causes you to smile or even laugh?


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  1. Thank you for this layout and topic today. There’s been a lot going on and I am grateful for the reminder to laugh.


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