Gratitude Album

A Blast from the Past…


by Margie Conway

2009 was an odd year for most of everyone I know. As the year ended I reflected on the things that made a big impact. I used the letters in the word “Gratitude” as a base to start from. Each one points to someone or something that captured a lot of my time last year. My Grandma was a big part of my ups and downs for the year. Her health deteriorated and we were forced to place her into a full time nursing facility. Between that and my own health I stayed on edge. These things helped me keep my perspective and focus on the good things.

G is for Grandma – She was always there for me, now I will be there for her.

R is for Ricky – My husband always supports and participates in all of my crazy schemes. He also keeps me grounded.

A is for Altered Plans – When the world throws in trouble, such as car trouble, the Lord throws in something great! Groundhogs!

T is for Three Children – We are a blended family. These are OUR three children.

I is for Inspiration – No matter what, no matter where – God shows up.

T is for Three Grand Children – Blessed, Blessed, Blessed! What more should I say?

U is for Understanding – Through all my health problems Friends and Family are there.

D is for Delight – I find delight in all things! God supplies my joy!

E is for Experience – 2009 was an odd year. But through it all I am blessed beyond measure!  These things I will remember!

Materials list:

  • Faith Album Kit from the Faithfully Yours store. (I love the size and style of this kit. The papers are color coordinated double sided papers cut to fit the album perfectly.)
  • Gratitude Glitter Stickers
  • 6×3 manilla shipping tags
  • Galaxy Metallic Markers
  • assorted ribbons & brads

31 Thank You Cards by Kristina Werner, Kimber McGray, and Heather Nichols

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