I Search and Seek

This is a record for me.  I never am “up to date” on my scrapbooking, yet I have my Easter layouts for this year already completed!  Ok, I confess. One reason is because I needed to post something on the blog this week.  But the second reason, is because I didn’t take a lot of time or supplies to create my layout.  Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be time-consuming or have a lot of product used.

This layout was particularly quick because the journaling was part of the paper itself.  I used I Seek paper from the Glorious Morning collection.

I Search and Seek
In the heart of mankind emptiness resides
looking for fulfillment that seemingly hides.
From treasure to treasure
I search and I seek
Fading pleasures afflict my heart so weak
Searching through the grass and up in trees
Lost and exhausted I tripped to my knees.
My head held low, I slowly lift my eyes
My journey is over, I have found my prize.
Over the Rock I stumbled, to the foot of the cross I fell.
Filled with His Spirit and a story to tell.
The Lord has risen, He has risen indeed.
No more searching, no more seeking
I’ve found the One I need.

(click image for larger view)

After printing my photos, I cropped, arranged and adhered.  I punched some quick borders, added an alphabet sticker title and was done.  This was a two day layout. I started on Sunday evening and had some supplies out on kitchen table. I went to bed. Kate punched a bunch of butterflies from the scrap white cardstock.  I used on the Easter morning layout, but thought it made a perfect finishing touch to this layout as well.  The white butterfly brings out the white of the squares on the right side of layout.

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