Need pumpkin embellishment ideas?

I can’t believe we didn’t get any pumpkins this year. Being homeschooled, we thought we would avoid the crowds and visit the pumpkin farm during the week during the day. This would be a great strategy if your kids are in preschool!

Unfortunately, the “big kid” stuff wasn’t open. We saw some animals, went through a corn maize and got their faces painted, but decided to come back later.

Only, we never made it back and never got any pumpkins to carve. We like to carve Jesus’ name or a cross or something to let the “light of Jesus” shine through.

And believe me, this year we needed the light of Jesus. The girls were yelled and screamed at to go away, leave em alone. Another instance an older gentlemen was chasing kids down his driveway with a knife! No, it wasn’t plastic! Sigh…

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Anyway, if you are looking for some cute pumpkin embellishment ideas, I found some. This link appeared in my inbox and I thought I would pass along to you. Simply click the pumpkin to the left for an article on some cute embellishment ideas like the one shown. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh My Gosh A knife!!!! Wouldnt it have just been easier for the man to just turn off his porch light. People were very rude this year. We experienced the same things with the boys the little ones, people asking where we were from and why were we in their neighborhood and how it wasnt fair to the kids in their neighborhood that people were coming from other neighborhoods. How unfortunate that people have to be rude and well in your case with the knife episode insane over giving out some treats


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