Faithfully Yours is an interactive place for you to:

  • DISCOVER faith-based projects
  • SAVE your favorites
  • ORGANIZE how you want
  • ADD your own projects
  • SHARE with your friends

Our goal is for you to discover creative faith-based projects, be inspired to create, and be part of an interactive faithbooking community.

How it works:

Sign Up

Fill out a short form or sign up with your Facebook, Google +, or Twitter account.  Click here to sign up.

Once you are signed up and logged in, you will be able to save, add, and organize your faith-based projects.





Click on arrow next to avatar to:

Edit your profile

Click on Settings

  • Choose a Display name
  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • Share your location and website
  • Share your social media accounts
  • Upload an Avatar* and Profile Cover

*The default avatar is the purple cross shown above.

Profile and Projects

Here you will see your profile, albums, projects, likes, followers, following and button to edit your profile.

Two albums have automatically been created for you. (you can delete by clicking on edit album)

  1. “My Projects” for your personal faith-based projects.
  2. “My Inspired Projects” for your projects that were inspired by another faithbooker.

Our goal at Faithfully Yours is for you to be inspired to create, not just collect ideas. (guilty!)

You can create as many albums as you would like.

Discover Projects

FYsaveFrom homepage, discover projects you want to save.

Then save to your album of choice.

Add a Project



Click on “add project” to add:

  • from your device (computer, tablet, phone)
  • from web (enter project url)
  • with bookmarklet

*When adding a project other than your own, be sure to include the source url where the project originated.

You can also add the “clip it” button to your website for visitors to clip to their Faithfully Yours albums.

Get Organized

FYaddalbumClick “add album” in upper navigation (folder with +). Add title and category for your album. Have a category to suggest adding? Contact us


From the homepage, you can save, edit (your project) or comment on any project.

Save project to album of your choice.

You can edit project by changing title, description, add tags and source url.

You can also add a comment. Leave encouraging thoughts for your fellow faithbookers.


Click on project for more options:



Again you can:

  • Save to album of your choice
  • Like project
  • Share on social media
  • Zoom in
  • Report project

The Source URL is where the project can be found. Click for more information about project.

Also on the project page, you will find:

  • more projects from same album
  • more projects from same papercrafter
  • related projects


If you are looking for an interactive community where you can discover, save, organize, add and share your favorite faith-based projects, then get started by signing up. It’s easy and free!