Rejoice in the Lord

Rejoice in the Lord

I participated in the Stampin’ Sisters in Christ challenge found here.  The challenge is based on Rev 21:5 “And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He aid, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” I love new beginnings, an opportunity to start over, make things right.  “I am making all things new” is very reassurring to me.   Isn’t it wonderful we serve a God of second (and third, fourth….) chances! Challenge:  Let’s use something new on our card/project this week. It can be a new stamp, paper, or embellishment…or even a new technique or an idea that is new to you! Just have fun with your creation!! Isn’t if funny how you start off in one direction and end up in a new direction.  That’s what happened with this card.  The new item I had planned on using, I ended up not using at all. My new item is the paper.  This sheet comes from the new faith goals line.  It is actually a “second” as it didn’t print right, but still quite usable.  I also wanted to try a new technique with the scalloped circle flowers I recently saw in  a scrapbook magazine.  There are actually two layers of scalloped circles, but apparently they lined up for the scan.  The stamp I used on the inside says “Rejoice” which is also new.  The accordian-fold flower at the top was an extra from anther project.  The ribbon is Basic Grey from my stash. (able to practice some stewardship as well) Yes, the scan isn’t the greatest. But I already...
Give Thanks In All Circumstances

Give Thanks In All Circumstances

Traci Major is the challenge hostess this week over at Stampin’ Sister in Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ESV.” The day my mom made the decision to go to the nursing home to live is one I will always remember.  This was was not a first choice nor a planned destination, but rather a last resort in the realm of diminished options.  The entire year before had been a series of admittances and discharges from nursing homes as she waited patiently yet resolutely for my Dad to recover from surgery and resume his care giving role.  On this particular visit to their home,  I sat in a chair across from my mom, a bag of clothing between us and held  up each piece as Mom sat in her wheelchair and surveyed  each blouse, pair of trousers, or jacket and said either “yes” or “no.”  These were not throw-away items, but each was a piece of my Grand mom’s wardrobe, all hand sewn;  and due to its polyester nature, wasn’t worn out. No frayed edges, missing stitches…each floral pattern as vibrant in color as the day the fabric was purchased so many years ago…the clothing remained but the body had worn out just a few weeks before.  Mom was making decisions as to what would go to Goodwill and what would stay.  She had the final say in the last small legacy of items handed down to her by her own Mother. To say my heart was heavy would not even begin to encompass...

Remember the Good

Remember the Good (Year of Blessings Challenge) by Betsy Burnett It would be easy to have this year go down in the record books as a “horrible year.” One where, I had to have surgery, mom not only was finishing up treatment for gallbladder cancer but was hospitalized and almost lost her life, my husband had emergency surgery and was out of work for a month. Even my daughter had 2 days in the hospital.  That’s just the medical stuff. I’m not even touching the fact we almost lost the house, I didn’t get my “dream job.” Medical bills have us swamped in debt. My checklist of “bad” could go on and on. So many times we can become consumed with all of the bad things happening around us. war, the economy, the current state of the union. How we lost out on that promotion or missed an opportunity. Consumed with illness or heartbreak. So many many things to discourage us. I know for many of you as well 2010 has been a year of trials, heartaches and heartbreaks, lost lives, lost loves, lost jobs. So many horrible things to the point you begin to question “where are you Lord?”  But it has also been a year of many blessings, and triumphs, new relationships and restored friendships. It’s life. The good happens with the bad. As I “wrap up” the Year of Blessing Challenge and try to figure out exactly what God’s goals were for me this year, I’ve come to the conclusion the Blessing Challenge for me was just a reminder to focus on the good. I could...

The Blessing of Waiting

I always tell people I don’t pray for patience. When they ask why I simple tell them. God has a way of putting you in situations that require patience then.

The Blessing of who I Am

Out of all things growing up that was probably my biggest hurt. The feeling that I wasn’t special enough, or pretty enough, or did well enough to be “chosen” Sometimes it seemed like no matter how hard I tried or long I worked or how nice I looked I wasn’t the one picked.

Mercy’s Goal

Mercy’s Goal by Betsy Burnett Remember THIS story?….I  was driving down that road again; ya know the one were I got stopped? I caught myself my speed was creeping up again. It’s kinda easy on that road ESPECIALLY if you aren’t paying attention. That’s no excuse though. The law is the law and it’s my job to abide by it. I think now I am even more diligent than I normally am at checking my speed when I drive. There’s a big reason for that…I was shown mercy. The goal of the officer that day wasn’t to give me a ticket (contrary to popular belief.) If that was the case I could have gotten one just for not having the current insurance  card alone. A ticket wasn’t his goal. The officers goal was to make that road a safer place and to get me to obey the laws for that road. He accomplished that and then some. You see, mercy’s goal isn’t to just “let someone off the hook.” Mercy’s goal isn’t just to get someone to apologize to say “I’m sorry”. Mercy’s goal is to produce a change. Mercy’s goal is to produce repentance. What is repentance? It’s changing of your ways. Leaving the sinful behavior behind and work towards what is right! God’s kindness leads you toward repentance Romans 2:4 Just as the officer’s display of mercy towards a ticket, his kindness,  changed my driving, God’s display of mercy when I repented of my sins, His kindness, should change my actions and more.God bestowed upon us His mercy. I don’t “get” what I deserve. I pray that...

He Showed Me Mercy

He Showed me Mercy by Betsy Burnett I saw the lights out of the corner of my eye and glanced down at the speedometer. 38 OH MY….it’s only a 25 zone…..YIKES…I was BUSTED (and in front of the kids!) I was thinking about something coming up at church. That wasn’t any excuse. Either was the fact I just came out of a 55 zone through a green light. I knew the rules and I broke them and I got caught! Taking out my license  I had it ready for the officer. I met him with an apology. “I’m sorry officer I was thinking about something coming up at church and didn’t realize my speed” “Do you have your proof of insurance?” I grabbed my car case out of the glove box and looked down for the current one. I couldn’t find it. He said “Oh is this it…oh wait the date on it was up in April” let me have that one and you keep looking for it.” He took the card and my license and went to “check on me” and I frantically looked for the card, panicking all the while because there is no way I wanted a ticket, let alone two and I couldn’t even begin to figure out where the money would come from to pay for them! After a few minutes he came back and asked if I had found it yet.  By this time I was nearly in tears. “I don’t know where it is?!?” Handing me back the other insurance card and my license he said “Please find it get it in the...

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