Faithful Friday Ezine

Faithful Friday Ezine

For whatever reason, I haven’t been able to finish the ezine this week.  I have worked on it and when I go to save it, I get an error and then it reverts back to adding crazy characters and not saving at all. So, I’ve decided to do the ezine right here on the site for this week. From Grumbling to Gratitude by Lindy Nelson-Paryag It was one of those Sundays when the to-do list in my mind was growing by the minute. The more I tried to do, the more there was to do. Finally, at about 4:00 I called “uncle” and took a creativity break. I was participating in an amazing online class called Mondo Beyondo – an opportunity to dream big.  Our assignment for the week was to create a mantra or a personal theme for ourselves and then to creatively express it.  I had already chosen my mantra: “I have enough, I do enough, I am enough. “In the spirit of living out my mantra, I quietly carved out a little spot in our dining/craft room and gathered my supplies. Oh, I forgot to mention was that I was hoping for solo creative time. Growing up as an only child, time by myself to putter, clean, organize, create, whatever, has always been important to me. I didn’t even realize how much so until my husband Ryan and I were dating. He would notice me starting to get snippy with him and he’d say, “I think you need some time by yourself, Hon.” And he was always right. Well, fast forward 20 years. In a life...

February Ezine

A little later than I wanted, but nevertheless here it is… February contents: “Love Waits” devotional Journaling Prompts Supporting Scripture Layout ideas Journal ideas Free printable You can download the February ezine...

January ezine

I ran across some old ezine issues and wanted to bring the ezine back.  The new year brings a new name for the ezine “A Road to Remembrance”. January kicks off the first issue with the theme being “preparedness”. The January issue won’t be the “usual” format, but similar. January contents: “A Woman of Preparedness” devotional Journaling Prompts Supporting Scripture Layout ideas Faithbook Planner-printable You can download the January ezine...

Faithbooking ezine:What’s in your inbox?

vWhat’s in your inbox?
by Betsy Burnett (the one Dawn keeps around for times such as these 😉 )

Being behind the scenes at Faithfully Yours is sometimes interesting. Not only do you learn more than your fair share of the workings of a website, you also are privileged to encounter a few technical mishaps as well. This past week has been no exception. As we have been trying to work out a schedule with the new design team, Dawn realized she has only been receiving the spam mail in her inbox. No regular emails at all. Besides being frustrating (and provide rather difficult working conditions) it actually gets rather discouraging and can start to have a negative impact to only learn how you can whiten your teeth, lose weight or improve your love life all with the taking of a pill (that only costs $19.95) vs. having anything worthwhile in your inbox.

Life can be that way as well. When I was a teen, a youth pastor I knew had a story that made an impression on me. He told the story of a little boy that was hauling water from the well for his mom. As the boy walked home he tripped and milk spilled out of the bucket! Naturally we all argued this as he filled the bucket with water so naturally water had to spill out. That was his point exactly. Whatever you put into the “bucket” will spill out when you trip.

In Luke 6:45 Jesus tells us, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”

What do you want to come out of your heart (and mouth) when life trips you up? Just like our young friend with the water bucket, what will spill out is what you put in. So what are you putting into your heart? Are you putting in things to encourage you, or discourage you? Good (God) things or bad. Just like the email inbox; if you are only having “junk mail” delivered to your mind and heart, you are going to get pretty discouraged and frustrated not to mention when you get tripped up you might be ashamed as to what spills out.

A wise man’s heart guides his mouth and his lips promote instruction. (Proverbs 16:23)

So I’d like to encourage you. Make and investment, not only in today, but in your tomorrows too. If you take some time to make sure you have good things going in your heart, not only will the Holy Spirit have something to work with to keep you from getting discouraged but when life’s bumps and trip-ups happen good things will come out of your heart (and mouth.)

Note from Dawn:
When the roller coaster of life gives us ups and downs, it could be easy to get discouraged. It’s then I need to draw on those good things I have stored up. Despite the recent trials, I have been blessed in many ways. Today I would like to share my new scraproom with you. Although keep in mind it is a work in progress, just as we are a work in progress to be made more and more like Jesus every day.

Unfortunately, I can’t find my before shots, but I have a few in the works.

This first photo is the cleared out portion of the scraproom. (in our basement-notice the cast iron pipe above.)
This photo is to the right of the above photos. These shelves were already there when we purchased the house. Not appropriate for scrapbook storage, but I did the best I could with what I had. Actually it didn’t look quite like this. I already moved stuff out of the room.
This is the backside of the above photo. You can see the Cropper Hopper vertical storage files and the ScrapRack system along with my sticker spinner.

And now, drum roll please….the new scraproom!

Hopefully, you can see the start of organization! 🙂

In this picture you can see off to the right my scrapdesk with the ScrapRack on top. Where the gray bins shelf is where the desk was when the pipe above cracked and leaked. The paper are in plastic envelopes, but water seeped in on some of the papers.

Here is a close up shot of papers organized in Cropper Hopper’s vertical storage system. (both the new and old)

I really like this method of organizing flowers. I picked up this lazy susan from Goodwill for 75 cents. I used recycled salsa and other jars to store the flowers in. The flowers shown were actually part of a mum bush that I took apart. There is another lazy susan to the left that I purchased from Walmart for $10. A bit pricey, but a good investment I think. I eventually want to paint the lids.

The main focus of this picture are boxes that I covered with patterned paper. These boxes have magnetic closures. My original intent was to use the crop-a-dile and add grommets for the ribbons to come through. However, I realize I need the Big Bite to do that. (Guess I need to roadtrip to see Betsy! 😉 )

This picture simply shows the inside of the box with ribbons.

The base of this embellishment organizer is for a lampshade. I took paper clips, bent into a “s” and used to hang various embellishments from.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my “scraproom in progress”. I still have a lot of organizing to do. And better lighting is definately a must have!

A few announcements:

  • As mentioned above, I’m not receiving all my emails. If you have emailed me and haven’t heard back, please visit the forum and pm me(dstegall). I check there often and should receive it!
  • I was working on the mass mailer over the weekend. I couldn’t get it to work or so I thought. If you have joined the new site, you probably received 2 emails on Wednesday. This email contained a link to the free wordart I promised you for joining the site. Enjoy! Note: if you joined the site and didn’t receive the email, simply email me and I’ll be sure you get the free wordart!

Faithbooking ezine: Moving on…

Note from Dawn: Last week I mentioned receiving free wordart for joining the new site.  I have not forgotten! I’m finishing it up and will send via the new site.  We are working on new wordart for future use.  Do you have any suggestions of scripture you would like to see? Gallery Contest Continues: The new site is starting to “fill out”. Thank you for uploading and sharing.  To encourage you to upload and share your faith-based projects, I’m extending the contest.  Create at least one album and upload at least one photo and be entered to win! Prize includes a $10 shopping spree to the Faithfully Yours store! I’m looking forward to seeing your creations! (winner to be announced in next week’s ezine) New Design Team: Congratulations to the new Faithfully Yours Design Team! I’m looking forward to seeing your creations as we roll out the new ezine issues to compliment the new site. Here is the new DT, (alphabetical order) with some of their work. Margie  Conway Melissa Czapor Debbie Dianne Fago Karen Patterson Faithfully Yours Store: Flair Designs sale continues… New items, products back in stock Amazing Grace, Autumn Splendor, Nativity papers, stickers, paper trims, plastic shapes all on sale now.  See what Flair Designs has to offer! Song of the Spirit Friday, August 28, 2009 Today look back into yesterday to see more clearly the intentions of your heart In the clear vision of today you will know more surely the voice that guides your steps For if it is my voice you will see yesterday with loving compassion and your only regret is not...

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