What are your priorities?

For the month of January (and beyond) we challenge you to seek God and challenge yourself to improve this year. Today I would like to talk about some biblical principles that may help us follow through with our renovation projects.  As you consider your goals and challenges…

First- Set your priorities. God, Family, Me
Consider what really matters to you.  Because if it doesn’t really matter, don’t bother resolving to do it.  Is it something that you see as a requirement, or something you see as a nice to have?  If it is just a nice to have… it is not likely it will get the focus required to really follow through and make the change.  1 Corinthians 10:31 can help us decide what really matters…

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.  1 Corinthians 10:31

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.   Colossians 3:17

Our #1 priority is a better relationship with God.  Nothing is more important than that.

You must be able to do it for the glory of God, if not, you are just wasting your time.  We must set our priorities, then work from there.  A lot of times we allow things that are not so important…to keep us from doing things that really matter.

***Scripture cards utilizes Serve stickers, cross brad, cardstock scraps, flowers, ink


Based on my personal situation, emails I receive, conversation in the forum and the economy in general, we need to think about being good stewards.  Many of us our facing job loss, many of us realize we have enough scrapbook supplies to open our own store and other reasons that lead us to consider using what we already have on hand.

Being a good steward means knowing when to purchase and knowing when enough is enough. It also means knowing how to look at what you do have with new eyes…repurposing things, using things up, discovering new ways to bring life into “old supplies”, creating cards with scraps, and altering gift items with what you have.

Even though times are tough, we have husbands losing jobs, prices going up. We don’t have to give up the hobby we are passionate about. By being a good steward of what we have, and using a dose of creativity, we can still scrapbook and even bless others through what we love to do.

Therefore, we are going to add a new “column” to our ezine-Ways to use supplies we already have.

Way #1

Let’s kick things off with simplicity! Simply use what you have. No altering, repurposing, etc. just use supplies you already have.

Challenge Ideas:

  • Use only supplies you have on hand.
  • Dust off a tool you haven’t used in awhile.
  • Use a tool you have never used.

Last summer, my 7 year old received a Build-a-bear giftcard for her birthday and was itching to spend it. We ended up having a girls day out. Spending the day at the mall, lunch in the food court and of course, we hit the scrapbook store. I found some rub-ons I had to have especially for the day. So for this challenge I grabbed the rub-ons, found paper to match along with cardstock and went to work. I dusted off my circle cutter to “back up” the rubons allowing them to pop off the page. I also used the label maker, I bought months ago and never used, to create some journaling strips. Added some ink for texture and I was done. I did want to add something more, God’s goodness, for our wonderful girls day out. I looked through a sticker book and found two that coordinated well and fit the pages. Perhaps not an elaborate layout, but documented our wonderful day and God’s goodness.

Supplies used:


  1. This is so interesting that you have brought this up. I have a few friends who are interesting in starting to scrapbook. I am very aware of the economy, etc. So as I am encouraging them I am trying very hard to convey that it is not about spending a lot of money but it is about leaving a legacy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. I’m having fun just getting to know you and your website.
    I mentioned wanting to know/sharing about faithbooking at our planning meeting for our Women’s Ministry for 2009 and the response was great…I’m looking forward to being inspired and passing it on to my friends

  3. OH wow!! great newsletter!! I was totally inspired by the LOs and the words of encouragement! Thanks so much for all you do!


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