What is Bible Journaling, part 2

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Faithful reader, Dolli, has shared more insights into Bible journaling with me and has graciously agreed to share with you as well.  I was particularly intrigued by the history.

by Dolli Neikirk

Bible journaling is a form of worship, just like music, poetry, dance, or other art forms.  It is a way to visually interpret scripture through art and/or writing.  By meditating on scripture and prayer, allow God to place a picture of the scripture in your mind and in your heart, then transfer that picture onto your Bible or journal page using various mediums of pencil, paint, stickers, crayons, paper, poetry, notes, or whatever process by which you are led.

Bible Journal history

I think it is important to define what Bible journaling is NOT:

It is not defacing the Bible or God’s Word. We worship God, not the Bible. (Shanna Noel)

Bible Journal historyHistory of illustrated Bibles
Art and drawing in Bibles has been practiced for centuries.  I have a Bible from my childhood my grandmother gave me that has pictures in it.

We can go waaaay back to the Renaissance, medieval times, to illuminated Bibles.  Even as recently as 1998, illuminated manuscripts, such as the St, John’s Bible, have been handwritten with art work.

God created us to create
We create through cooking, our jobs, crafting, and we even create other people – LOL!  We have each been given a talent, whether it be for business, design, engineering, speaking, or crafting. God expects us to use that talent and share it with others, all for His glory!  Everything we do is a testimony – how are you sharing your testimony for the Kingdom?  Are you telling the story of Jesus in everything you do?

You can see Dolli’s Bible journaling pages by visiting her Pinterest board.